Alive in Christ: The Salvation of Little Children


Alive in Christ: The Salvation of Little Children

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The Book of Mormon: Fourth Nephi Through Moroni, From Zion to Destruction

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Nyman, Monte S. (Secondary), and Tate, Charles D., Jr. (Secondary)




Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University


Provo, UT

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Millet, Robert L. "Alive in Christ: The Salvation of Little Children" In The Book of Mormon: Fourth Nephi Through Moroni, From Zion to Destruction, Edited by Nyman, Monte S., and Tate, Charles D., Jr. 1-17. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1995.


The eighth chapter of Moroni contains an epistle Mormon wrote to his son, Moroni, soon after his call to the ministry. It begins with Mormon’s encouragement and his expression of confidence in his son, as well as a statement of his daily petition to the heavens in behalf of Moroni. “I am mindful of you always in my prayers,” Mormon declares, “continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.” But this epistle was not written solely as an expression of a father’s satisfaction on behalf of a faithful son. Rather, Mormon had learned of disputations among the Nephites concerning the baptism of little children. His letter was a powerful appeal to root out and remove such heresy from among the Saints, as well as an explanation as to why that doctrine was abominable and abhorrent to that Lord who loves little children perfectly.
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The Book of Mormon: Fourth Nephi Through Moroni, From Zion to Destruction
Nyman, Monte S.

25 Chapters

Alive in Christ: The Salvation of Little Children
Millet, Robert L. | pp. 1-17
The Mission of Jesus Christ - Ether 3 and 4
Matthews, Robert J. | pp. 19-29
"The Knowledge Hid Up Because of Unbelief"
Anderson, Kenneth W. | pp. 31-44
The Jaredites - A Case Study in Following the Brethren
Brinley, Douglas E. | pp. 45-59
The "Author" and the "Finisher" of the Book of Mormon
Butler, John M. | pp. 61-68
The Plates of Ether and the Covenant of the Book of Mormon
Donaldson, Lee L. | pp. 69-79
Light in Our Vessels: Faith, Hope, and Charity
Garrett, H. Dean | pp. 81-93
Preparing for the Judgment
Hansen, Gerald, Jr. | pp. 95-104
Mormon and Moroni: Father and Son
Hatch, Gary Layne | pp. 105-115
Mormon, the Man and the Message
Holzapfel, Richard Neitzel | pp. 117-131
The Spirit of Christ: A Light Amidst the Darkness
Judd, Daniel K. | pp. 133-146
Jaredite Zion Societies: Hope for a Better World
Judd, Frank F., Jr. | pp. 147-152
Ether and Mormon: Parallel Prophets of Warning and Witness
LeBaron, E. Dale | pp. 153-165
There Was No Contention
Merrill, Byron R. | pp. 167-183
Gathering in the Last Days: Saved in Sheaves, Burned in Bundles
Middleton, Michael W. | pp. 185-197
The Judgment Seat of Christ
Nyman, Monte S. | pp. 199-213
Zion Zion Zion: Keys to Understanding Ether 13
O'Driscoll, Jeff | pp. 215-234
Moroni, the Last of the Nephite Prophets
Peterson, H. Donl | pp. 235-249
"Weak Things Made Strong"
Rasmus, Carolyn J. | pp. 251-262
Unity Through the Power of Charity
Rencher, Alvin C. | pp. 263-275
Moroni 9-10: Remember How Merciful the Lord Hath Been
Satterfield, Bruce | pp. 277-288
Zion Gained and Lost: Fourth Nephi as the Quintessential Model
Skinner, Andrew C. | pp. 289-302
Jared and His Brother
Valletta, Thomas R. | pp. 303-322
Preach the Gospel to Every Creature
Van Orden, Bruce A. | pp. 323-336
The Socio-Economics of Zion
Woodsworth, Warner P. | pp. 337-352
Jesus Christ
Infant Baptism

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