December 21, 2022

Video: Joseph Smith’s Birthplace

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Where is the exact spot Joseph Smith was born? Where did he grow up? How did his early life and setting prepare him to become the Prophet of the Restoration? Did you know that some of Joseph’s ancestors sailed on the Mayflower and fought in the Revolutionary War? Join professor Casey Griffiths in this travel video, as he explores the early sites of the Prophet’s life.

We begin the video with Casey interviewing BYU professor Ken Alford, who explains the historical setting of Joseph Smith’s childhood. Casey then flies to Boston and explores the Freedom Trail, where you follow a brick path through the heart of Boston to see important historical sites, mainly related to the Revolutionary War. He sees where the Boston Massacre started, Paul Revere’s home, the USS Constitution, and Bunker Hill. These sites emphasize the strong spirit of freedom and religious liberty that helped shape the thinking and values of the Smith family.

We then explore Topsfield Massachusetts where five generations of Joseph’s family, on his father’s side, lived. Elder Russel M. Ballard, who is a direct descendent of Hyrum Smith, dedicated a monument here to the Smith Family. Casey also explores the locations where Joseph Smith’s mother lived and where his parents met.

At Sharon Vermont, Casey meets David McDowell, a Seminaries and Institute Coordinator over the New England area, and an expert in the early life of Joseph Smith. They visit the site where Joseph was born, which still has a stone from the original home. There’s also an impressive monument here commemorating Joseph’s birth. The main shaft is one solid piece of granite 38.5 feet tall—a foot for each year of Joseph’s life. Even today, quarry workers marvel at the striking monolith and how it was moved to this location.

David and Casey then drive southeast to Lebanon, another location where the Smith’s lived. Here, Joseph experienced one of the most horrifying events of his young life, as typhoid fever infected one of his legs.

After discussing the miracle of Joseph’s recovery, David and Casey visit one final location: Patriarch Hill. They point out that we can see the Lord’s hand leading the Smith family from place to place, until they ended up near the burial site of the Book of Mormon. Thus, while certainly hard in the moment, the hardships they endured actually led them to miraculous blessings, not only for their own family but for the entire world. Buckle up and join us as we explore these key sites of the Restoration!

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