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New Video: Finding Christ in the Creation

January 3, 2022

The Creation account in Genesis may be one of the best-known scriptural accounts, but what does it personally mean to you? In a new video, “Finding Christ in the Creation,” Daniel Smith looks beyond the literal creation to discover a more personal meaning in the Creation.

In this video, Daniel breaks down the events of the Creation, demonstrating where exactly Christ shows up in each day. By exploring Christ’s role in the Creation, Daniel also finds what the Creation means for us.

For example, the darkness that marked the beginning of the Creation is comparable to the darkness each of us experiences in our lives. The separation of the waters can symbolize our choice to separate from the world and follow Christ. The symbolism of the Creation culminates in our purpose to bring forth fruit of repentance and life.

You can find more videos like this on our Messages of Christ YouTube channel.

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