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Daniel Smith

Messages of Christ: A Lesson on Humbly Accepting Correction

July 29, 2020

This week’s Come Follow Me lesson teaches us how Alma lovingly censured Corianton who had chosen wickedness over happiness. We read later in the Book of Mormon that Corianton accepted this chastisement and chose to serve the Lord (see Alma 49:30). In the New Testament, we learn of another who humbly accepted censure from Jesus Christ, Martha, the sister to Mary and Lazarus.

Messages of Christ’s latest video looks more deeply into this story when Christ and his followers came to visit Mary and Martha in Bethany. While preparing to feed her many guests, Martha complains that Mary is not helping her but has chosen instead to sit at Jesus’ feet. This video shows how Martha wasn’t necessarily making the wrong choice to serve her hungry visitors but rather incorrectly assuming that Mary should make a similar choice. Just as Jesus Christ lovingly showed Martha the error in her reasoning, we too may at times be chastised by the Lord who loves us. Martha and Corianton model how to humbly receive wise counsel. Likewise, we too can commit to make lasting changes in our life and dedicate ourselves to follow our Savior.

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