April 6, 2021

Free, Virtual Fireside: Kirtland, Holy Ground of our Dispensation

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Book of Mormon Central and Doctrine and Covenants Central are pleased to announce a Virtual Fireside you may want to attend.

The Kirtland, Ohio area is foundational to the history of the Church. 45% of the sections in the Doctrine and Covenants were received in Kirtland and environs. Karl Anderson knows Kirtland as well as anyone alive and you could hardly have a better tour guide to show you around this fascinating place.

Karl Ricks Anderson is affectionately known throughout the Church as “Mr. Kirtland.” His love for and research about the Saints in Kirtland are legendary. He grew up in Utah but has lived near Kirtland for over 50 years. He is a popular and entertaining speaker who has worked with prophets and historians. His books, Joseph Smith’s Kirtland and The Savior in Kirtland are widely read. Anderson helped the Church acquire many of its Kirtland properties and he has done much to put Kirtland on the church history map.

Karl has instructed thousands of visitors and dignitaries who have expressed appreciation for his knowledge, enthusiasm, and famous laugh. He served as a Stake President, Regional Representative of the Twelve, and Area Family History Advisor. He is currently a patriarch. He and his wife, Joyce, are the parents of seven and the grandparents/great grandparents of 49.

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