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BMC Year-End Newsletter 2019 Now Available

January 21, 2020

The Book of Mormon Central Newsletter covering the events and happenings of 2019 is now available to read online in the Book of Mormon Central Archive. The newsletter provides a summary of our year-end analytics, our 10 most popular pieces of content in 2019, and events involving BMC. It also reports on the status of on-going projects, and announces things to look forward to for the year 2020.

Cover and inside page of the 2019 BMC Newsletter

This year's Newsletter covers evens and projects such as:

  • ScripturePlus—An interactive scripture study app that provides a variety of resources to enhance users study experiences. Features of ScripturePlus include new formatting, red-lettering, speaker/author identification, quotes from General Authorities and scholars, images, videos, and answers to common questions, and of course, our KnoWhys.
  • Pearl of Great Price Central—At the FairMormon Conference in August 2019 Book of Mormon Central launched a new initiative to publish faith-promiting essays on the Book of Abraham. This website, called Pearl of Great Price Central, has started to gain traction and become a source of strength and faith for those with questions on the historicity of the Book of Abraham.
  • Knowing Why 2—The second installment of our Knowing Why book has been published by Covenant Communications and covers KnoWhys from Alma through the end of the Book of Mormon. Knowing Why and Knowing Why Part 2 serve as a perfect companion set for studying the Come, Follow Me curriculum in 2020.
  • BMC Spanish Team—Book of Mormon Central en Español has grown far and wide since its inception in 2017. With over 2 million YouTube views, and WhatsApp members in 19 countries, we are excited to be sharing the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ in many more ways.
  • Art Contest—The winners of this year's art contest are announced including images of the winning pieces.
  • Upcoming Projects—Two projects still in development—Evidence Central and the Crowdsourced Book of Mormon—are announced and discussed on page 12.
  • Firesides and Presentations—Read about presentations BMC Staff members gave over the last year including at BYU Education Week, the John L. Sorenson lecture, the Society of Biblical Literature conference, a Multi-Stake fireside, and a Book of Mormon cruise to the Western Carribean. 

Inside pages of the BMC Newsletter

Read the Year-End 2019 BMC Newsletter

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