From the Presence of God to Fill the Immensity of Space


From the Presence of God to Fill the Immensity of Space

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Art Contest

2021 Art Contest Gallery

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Albertson, Darren. "From the Presence of God to Fill the Immensity of Space", 2021.


Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

The concept of Light is fascinating to me. This piece was inspired by revelation contained in D&C 88 which describes all Light and Truth emanating from the presence of God, it cleaving to other Light, and the revelation given to Abraham about the Ruling Order of Light in connection to Kolob and God's residence near unto it, and the Light of Intelligence, which is the Glory of God.

The artist has created art his whole life in one form or another and considers creativity and imagination and the ability to visually express it as one of his most cherished blessings. To join with the Savior, even if only in a limited capacity, in creation gives more satisfaction than he could possibly express.

He especially loves doing spiritual and illustrative concepts, usually replete with symbolism and iconic imagery for relaying narrative, illuminating ideas, and bearing testimony.

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