The Light and the Life of the World


The Light and the Life of the World

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2020 Art Contest Gallery

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Pritchett, Alice. "The Light and the Life of the World", 2020.


Honorable Mention in the 2020 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest. Linoleum block print with gold leaf embellishment.
It must have been the relief of a lifetime to behold the pure, penetrating light of our Savior, after a period of spiritual and physical darkness. And it can be the relief of a lifetime for us too, if we choose to open our ears to hear it, our eyes to see it, and our hearts to understand how great the goodness and mercy of our God This piece reflects the darkness the people found themselves in, and show the contrast between the thick darkness and the Savior's light, and block printing is the perfect medium to depict that contrast. 
Alice is an artist and printmaker. She has been an artist her whole life and a printmaker for the past two years. She is experienced in many mediums, including watercolor, colored pencil, and pen, but linoleum block printing has taken over as her medium of choice. Her printmaking experience came from a desire to break out of her comfort zone after college and to experiment with new mediums, and focus on her drawing ability. Her ideas translate very simply and fit well with carving and printing. Her art focuses on gospel themes, landscapes, and random thoughts that make her happy.
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