Large and Small Plates


Large and Small Plates

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Bradley, Mark (Primary)

Art Contest

2019 Art Contest Gallery

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Bradley, Mark. "Large and Small Plates", 2019.


This piece received an Honorable Mention in the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest. 

"The Large and Small plates are on a table. The light shines through the window engulfing the small plates and covers much of the large plates. This symbolizes that the small plates were a spiritual account while the large plates included secular as well as spiritual matters. Near the plates is a setting with bread representing the bread of life. On the shelf, is a pitcher of water also representing the living water of Christ. The small oil lamp next to the pitcher represents inner light given from the scriptures. I love the scriptures. As a whole, this composition represents how the scriptures focus light in our hearts and in our minds; especially in dark times."

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