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Hill, Nicole (Primary)

Art Contest

2021 Art Contest Gallery

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Hill, Nicole. "Faithful", 2021.


Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

This is a wheel thrown bowl, made and decorated in the style of the Early Mayan people.  I wanted to show what it would be like if we were to uncover an artifact from the time of the Book of Mormon, specifically from the time of Captain Moroni and Helaman.  In the center of the inside of the bowl is a depiction of Captain Moroni.  The Mayan lettering is correct as far as I was able to study and states Captain Moroni's name and title. It is also decorated with symbols from the pre-classic Maya.  On the outside it depicts Helaman and the 2000 Stripling warriors.  The Mayan on the outside names Helaman and the warriors. The Maya believed in the four corners of the earth and depicted on the legs of this bowl are north, south, east and west written in Mayan.  The colors and style reflects bowls made by the early Mayan peoples.

Since serving her mission in Guatemala among the Mayan people there, the artist has developed a great love for all things Mayan.  She learned to throw pottery from a friend a few years ago.  She wanted to create a piece to honor the language, tradition and love of the Maya and the Book of Mormon.

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