External Evidences of the Book of Mormon


External Evidences of the Book of Mormon

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By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 2

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Lundquist, John M. (Secondary), and Ricks, Stephen D. (Secondary)






Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book


Provo, UT/Salt Lake City

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Cheesman, Paul R. "External Evidences of the Book of Mormon" In By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 2, Edited by Lundquist, John M., and Ricks, Stephen D. Vol. 2. 73-90. Provo, UT/Salt Lake City: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book, 1990.


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By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 2
Lundquist, John M.

20 Chapters

Religious Validity: The Sacrament Covenant in Third Nephi
Anderson, Richard Lloyd | pp. 1-51
The Lamanite View of Book of Mormon History
Bushman, Richard L. | pp. 52-72
External Evidences of the Book of Mormon
Cheesman, Paul R. | pp. 73-90
A Second Witness for the Logos: The Book of Mormon and Contemporary Literary Criticism
England, Eugene | pp. 91-125
An Introduction to the Relevance of and a Methodology for a Study of the Proper Names of the Book of Mormon
Hoskisson, Paul Y. | pp. 126-135
The Brass Plates Version of Genesis
Reynolds, Noel B. | pp. 136-173
The Composition of Lehi's Family
Sorenson, John L. | pp. 174-196
King Benjamin and the Feast of Tabernacles
Tvedtnes, John A. | pp. 197-237
The Melchizedek Material in Alma 13:13-19
Welch, John W. | pp. 238-272
Ancient Burials of Metal Documents in Stone Boxes
Wright, H. Curtis | pp. 273-334
Cultural Pluralism or Assimilation? A Dilemma of Our Times
De Hoyos, Genevieve | pp. 335-352
Twelve Diatribes of Modern Israel
Gileadi, Avraham | pp. 353-405
Repentance Also Means Rethinking
Gillum, Gary P. | pp. 406-437
Is There a Cure for Authoritarianism in Science?
Haglund, Richard F., Jr. | pp. 438-455
Language, Humour, Character, and Persona in Shakespeare
King, Arthur Henry | pp. 456-482
Talent and the Individual's Tradition: History as Art, and Art as Moral Response
King, Arthur Henry | pp. 483-501
The Challenge of Historical Consciousness: Mormon History and the Encounter with Secular Modernity
Midgley, Louis | pp. 502-551
Why No New Judaisms in the Twentieth Century?
Neusner, Jacob | pp. 552-584
Thoughts about Joseph Smith: Upon Reading Donna Hill's Joseph Smith: The First Mormon
Rogers, Thomas F. | pp. 585-618
Utopia and Garden: The Relationship of Candide to Laxness's Paradísarheimt
Tate, George S. | pp. 619-637
Metal Plates
Ancient America – Mesoamerica

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