Todd Noall

Marketing | Volunteer CMO

Picture of Todd

Hi, I’m Todd. I've been the CEO of Fusion 360, a Digital Advertising Agency for over two decades. I'm also the founder of a few SaaS ventures. I’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized for some industry honors and awards. -Most notably, I’m a 15X Emmy Nominated and 3X Emmy Award Winning Creative Director I’m blessed to be able to serve as the volunteer CMO for Scripture Central. I also have the opportunity to help lead out on the Defend the Faith App and other Defend the Faith Projects. I love spending time with my beautiful wife of over 25 years, and our four kiddos. I’m an avid snowboarder and I enjoy playing basketball. I love the Utah Utes, The Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Broncos. I'm also a (recovering) fan of the Utah Jazz.

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