Patricio Soto

Technology Development | Software Architect

Picture of Patricio

Patricio Soto is a Senior Software Architect at Scripture Central, with over a decade of experience in leading and developing innovative software solutions. Holding a degree in Computer Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Patricio has excelled in roles such as iOS Developer, Application Architect, and Chief Technology Officer. His expertise spans a variety of programming languages and frameworks, with significant contributions to projects like the widely used ScripturePlus app. Beyond his technical skills, Patricio is a proven leader who inspires and manages teams to deliver high-quality software solutions. His experience includes notable tenures at NAPSIS and DICTUC SA, where he managed large-scale development projects and implemented cloud computing architectures. Passionate about continuous learning, he also holds a diploma in Big Data, ensuring he stays ahead of technological advancements. In his time, Patricio enjoys fishing and spending time with family and friends, embodying a balanced approach to life and work.

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