Orlando Hurtado

Technology Development | Software Development

Picture of Orlando

Orlando de Jesús Hurtado Valdés is a dedicated Senior Software Engineer at Book of Mormon Central, where his expertise bridges the intricacies of backend and frontend development for the Scripture Central site and its administration module. His scholarly journey in Computer Science, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence at Universidad de La Habana, culminated in a forward-thinking thesis that has since echoed in his professional ethos—creating engaging and intuitive user experiences.

With a career spanning over eight years, Orlando's technical acumen has flourished across varied roles, where he has not only mastered a diverse suite of programming languages and development frameworks but has also made impactful contributions to the enhancement of digital platforms.

Orlando's life beyond the keyboard is deeply rooted in the cultural tapestry of Vigo, Spain, where he and his wife are connoisseurs of the city's heritage and natural wonders. His affinity for the great outdoors is matched by a passion for photography, a medium through which he documents the diverse beauty of Galicia. This balance of technology and artistry defines Orlando, as a professional who builds digital worlds and cherishes the tangible ones around him.

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