Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 18 (2016)


Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 18 (2016)

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The Interpreter Foundation

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Provo, UT

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"Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture 18 (2016)", Edited by Peterson, Daniel C. Vol. 18. Provo, UT: The Interpreter Foundation, 2016.


This is volume 18 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published by The Interpreter Foundation. It contains articles on a variety of topics including: "Cloud Illusions and the Perfect Day," "Viewing the Temple Through Wilford Woodruff’s Eyes," "The 'Fiery Darts of the Adversary' in 1 Nephi 15:24," "'He Did It': A Christmas Message," "Jesus Christ’s Interactions with the Women of the New Testament," "The More Part of the Book of Mormon Is Early Modern English," "Joseph Smith Read the Words," "Untangling Scripture from the Philosophies of Men," "The Case of the {-th} Plural in the Earliest Text," "The Case of Plural?Was in the Earliest Text," "To 'See and Hear'," "Samuel the Lamanite, Christ, and Zenos: A Study of Intertextuality," "The Yoke of Christ: A Light Burden Heavy With Meaning," "The Faith to See: Burning in the Bosom and Translating the Book of Mormon in Doctrine and Covenants 9," "'They Were Moved with Compassion' (Alma 27:4; 53:13): Toponymic Wordplay on Zarahemla and Jershon," and "Onomastic Wordplay on Joseph and Benjamin and Gezera Shawa in the Book of Mormon."

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