2018 Art Contest Gallery


2018 Art Contest Gallery

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First Place

Reap Your Reward by Courtney von Savoye

Courtney von Savoye is an Art Major in Brigham Young University Idaho. She has loved art her whole life and draws inspiration from Don Bluth and Walt Disney.This piece was inspired by Alma 32 in the Book of Mormon. In this chapter Alma explains the nature of faith being something believed and not seen. As faith grows it is like a seed being planted in a person's heart and if they are faithful and learn more of the gospel they are blessed with fruit. This is represented in this piece with a girl giving thanks for the fruit that was grown in a barren desert. Since she was faithful she was able to receive her reward and can now grow stronger. The moon and star represents the spirit since her gaze is aimed up toward heaven.

Second Place

Mary Elizabeth Rollins Reads the Book of Mormon by Andrew Knaupp

Andrew Knaupp graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Visual Arts Design-Illustration. This piece displays Mary Elizabeth Rollins reading the first copy of the Book of Mormon to arrive in Kirtland Ohio. She was so excited to get her hands on a copy, that she read the entire book late into the night, and returned her borrowed copy the next morning.

Third Place

"An Account of one Coriantumr" by Melissa Horlacher

Melissa Horlacher began painting in 2013 and has a small business called Melissa Michiale Paints. She graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho in 2015 and lives in Provo, UT with her daughter and husband. Her fascination with the Jaredite people and history led her to create this work. This watercolor portrays the large Jaredite stone referenced in Omni 1:20. The depiction of the large Jaredite stone is based on Mesoamerican Stelae. It contains an engraving of the great warrior Coriantumr, with his genealogy and tales of victory in characters around him.

About the Contest

The Book of Mormon is a masterpiece with vivid scenes and evocative narratives that bring one closer to God. Book of Mormon Central uses many images on our website and in our videos to portray Book of Mormon ideas, but we always need more. We want to encourage the creation of new Book of Mormon art to illustrate this powerful book, so that more may come to know that it is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." If you are an artist or know an artist, share this event and consider participating in our art competition for a chance to win and be featured on our website.

  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $350
  • Third Place: $200

This competition was in conjunction with Book of Mormon Day 2018, and the winners were announced at the annual Book of Mormon Conference on April 7, 2018.

Last Year's Winners

First Place
The Keystone
Christian Joel Loor Pino

Second Place
I Saw Another Angel Fly
Jorge Cocco

Third Place
Christ Administering the Sacrament in America
Brooke Malia Mann


The Art Contest Submission Deadline was February 28, 2018 and is now closed.

If you have art work you'd like to submit, save it for next year's art contest in February 2019.

Art Requirements

Visual artwork depicting some aspect of the Book of Mormon. Acceptable mediums include:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Digital Art
  • Pyrography
  • Ceramics
  • Crafts

Due to the challenge of judging art across various mediums, we will not be accepting submissions of music, literature, or film this year.

File Requirements

  • File extensions: PNG, JPG, TIFF, PSD image formats accepted
  • Resolution: Resolution must be at least 300 dpi, and at least 2000x2000 pixels in dimension.
  • Filename: Image files must be titled as follows: [lastname]-art2018.[file extension].
    For example, if your last name is Johnson, the filename of your image should be "johnson-art2018.jpg" or "johnson-art2018.tiff"
  • If you are submitting a 3-dimensional work of art (sculpture, ceramics, etc.), you need to provide multiple images of the work from different angles to be able to adjudicate the piece in the round. If you need to upload multiple images, please upload a .ZIP directory containing your images.
    You must title your .ZIP directory [lastname]-art2018.zip. If your last name is Johnson, the zip directory should be "johnson-art2018.zip"
  • Multiple entries per artist are allowed, but each piece of art must me made in separate form submissions.


Book of Mormon Central will not discriminate pieces based off what the piece is depicting. However, if you are looking for inspiration, Book of Mormon Central is looking for more artwork depicting the following:



  • Sariah
  • Nehor
  • Korihor
  • Sherem
  • King Limhi
  • Lachoneus
  • Mulek
  • Anti-Nephi-Lehies
  • ​Abish
  • ​Multiple Book of Mormon prophets together


  • Nephi's Jerusalem
  • Nahom
  • ​The valley of Lemuel
  • Bountiful (Old and New World locations)
  • Irreantum
  • The land of Nephi
  • ​Nephi's temple
  • Zarahemla
  • Gideon
  • Ammonihah
  • ​Jershon
  • ​Nephite fortifications
  • ​Mormon's cave


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention – Youth Division

reap-your-reward media related image
Reap Your Reward
Courtney von Savoye
mary-elizabeth-rollins-reads-book-mormon media related image
Mary Elizabeth Rollins Reads the Book of Mormon
Andrew Knaupp
account-one-coriantumr media related image
"An Account of one Coriantumr"
Melissa Horlacher
brothers-eve-battle media related image
Brothers on the Eve of Battle
Daniel Kaonohi
teancum-0 media related image
Fredric Ridenour
samuel-lamanite-0 media related image
Samuel the Lamanite
Fredric Ridenour
brought-true-knowledge media related image
"Brought to the True Knowledge"
Elias Gold
buried-depths media related image
Buried in the Depths
Brittany Della Lucia
allegory-olive-tree-0 media related image
The Allegory of the Olive Tree
Josie Tilton
mormon-tarot-part-16-american-prophet media related image
Mormon Tarot part 1/6: American Prophet
Josh Baird
olive-tree media related image
The Olive Tree
Hannah Allen
tree-life-2 media related image
The Tree of Life
Kaitlin Acosta
tear-stains-plates media related image
The Tear Stains on the Plates
Azile Summerhays
lehi-announces-departure media related image
Lehi Announces Departure
Owen Richardson
abish-and-queen media related image
Abish and the Queen
Megan Schaugaard
choose-you-day media related image
Choose You This Day
Heather Decker Sorenson
abish-0 media related image
Krista Jones
spiritually-minded-life-eternal media related image
Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal
Karl John Aguinaldo
thy-faith-hath-made-thee-whole media related image
Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole
Brittany Della Lucia
jaredite-crossing media related image
The Jaredite Crossing
Bekalyn Craig
i-give-you-my-witness media related image
I Give You My Witness
Carolyn Blackburn
my-soul-delighteth-words-isaiah media related image
My Soul Delighteth in the Words of Isaiah
Kylie Malchus
sariah-desert media related image
Sariah in the Desert
Laura Contreras
and-angels-proclaimed-true-book media related image
And the Angels Proclaimed; This is the True Book
Alondra Gutierrez
joseph-smith media related image
Joseph Smith
Dana Jegal
scripture-heroes media related image
Scripture Heroes
Sam Pehrson
nephis-wife-children media related image
Nephi's Wife with Children
Hailee Shaw
presence-glory media related image
In the Presence of Glory
Michelle Smith
light-gospel media related image
Light of the Gospel
Pearl Van Etten
lamb-god media related image
Lamb of God
Kaitlin Acosta
all-my-sins media related image
"All My Sins"
Andrea J. McLaren
olive-grove media related image
The Olive Grove
Nancy Andruk Olson
light-wilderness media related image
Light in the Wilderness
Ned Bjorn
joseph-smiths-birth-foretold media related image
"Joseph Smith's Birth Foretold"
Heather S. Graham
waiting media related image
Nicole Hill
god-loves-broken-things media related image
God Loves Broken Things
Kayla Jett
christ-among-nephites media related image
Christ Among The Nephites
Jody Livingston
josephs-translation media related image
Joseph's Translation
Joel Loor
faithful-praying media related image
Faithful Praying
Ming Luke
birth-joseph-wilderness media related image
The Birth of Joseph in the Wilderness
Natasha Mickelson
mother-tell-me media related image
Mother, Tell Me
Megan Rieker
light media related image
Into the Light
Sanchez, Lehi
jesus-christ media related image
Jesus, The Christ
John Zamudio
our-liahona media related image
Our Liahona
Charles Tuozo
raising-faith media related image
Raising Faith
Emily Tueller
tree-faith media related image
Tree of Faith
Marie Withers
irreantum media related image
Grace Farinacci
irreantum-and-land-bountiful media related image
Irreantum and the Land Bountiful
Giovanni Farinacci
what-more-could-i-have-done-my-vineyard media related image
What More Could I Have Done for my Vineyard?
Samantha Dockstader
memory media related image
In Memory
Tiffany Brazell
tree-life-3 media related image
Tree of Life
Hannah Butler
adventures-nephi media related image
Adventures of Nephi
Timothy Chappell
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