Chiasmus: The State of the Art


Chiasmus: The State of the Art

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Parry, Donald W. (Secondary), and Welch, John W. (Secondary)

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BYU Studies/Book of Mormon Central


Provo, UT/Springville, UT

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"Chiasmus: The State of the Art", Edited by Parry, Donald W., and Welch, John W. Provo, UT/Springville, UT: BYU Studies/Book of Mormon Central, 2020.


This book comprises fourteen of the papers presented at “Chiasmus: An Open Conference on the State of the Art,” held at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, on August 15–16, 2017. That date marked the fiftieth anniversary of events in Germany and Austria which soon grew into the publication of Chiasmus in Antiquity: Structures, Analyses, Exegesis (Hildesheim: Gerstenberg, 1981), edited by John W. Welch. Generated forty years ago, that widely-cited volume with a preface by David Noel Freedman featured contributions by authors including Yehuda T. Radday, Jonah Frankel, Bezael Porten, Wilford G. E. Watson, John W. Welch, and Robert F. Smith, about chiasmus in Ugaritic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and other literatures.

This present volume now reflects and assesses the current state of the art regarding the use of chiastic analysis in an equally wide-ranging body of languages and texts, including the Hebrew Bible, Babylonian epics, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and even Mayan inscriptions. Overall, the academic state of chiastic affairs is productive, insightful, innovative, wide-spread, expanding, and well established. The bibliography at the conclusion of this collection lists only the most useful and reputably recognized studies published since 1981, thus updating the bibliography found in Chiasmus in Antiquity.

Table of Contents

17 Chapters

Parry, Donald W. | pp. 5–15
Chiasmus in the Book of Genesis
Rendsburg, Gary A. | pp. 17–34
Chiastic Structuring of the Genesis Flood Story: The Art of Using Chiasm as an Effective Compositional Tool for Combining Earlier Chiastic Narratives
Scott, Steven R. | pp. 35–65
Exegesis or Eisegesis: Does Chiastic Analysis Help Us to Understand Leviticus 20?
Burnside, Jonathan | pp. 67–84
At the Intersection of Scribal Training and Theological Profundity: Chiasm as an Editorial Technique in the Primeval History and Deuteronomy
Levinson, Bernard M. | pp. 85–16
Chiasmus in the Text of Isaiah: MT Isaiah versus the Great Isaiah Scroll
Parry, Donald W. | pp. 107–127
“With strong hand and with outstretched arm” (Deuteronomy 4:34); “With outstretched hand and with strong arm” (Jeremiah 21:5): Chiasmus in Deuteronomy and Jeremiah
Seely, David Rolph | pp. 129–150
Narrating Homicide Chiastically
Welch, John W. | pp. 151–176
Chiastic Structuring of Large Texts: 2 Nephi as a Case Study
Reynolds, Noel B. | pp. 177–192
Jesus and the Roman Centurion (Matthew 8:5–13): A Window to Chiasmus and Apostolic Pedagogy
Buckwalter, H. Douglas | pp. 193–205
Rethinking the Structure of the "Farewell Discourse" (John 13–17) through a Chiastic Lens
Brouwer, Wayne | pp. 193–205
From “Linguistic Turn” and Hebrews Scholarship to Anadiplosis Iterata: The Enigma of a Structure
Gelardini, Gabriella | pp. 231–256
Mirrored Poeticity: Chiastic Structuring in Mayan Languages
Hull, Kerry M. | pp. 257–288
Chiasmus Criteria in Review
Rappleye, Neal | pp. 289–309
Truth or Cherry Picking: A Statistical Approach to Chiastic Intentionality
Edwards, Boyd F. | pp. 311–317
The Roles of Words, Phrases, and Ideas in Macro-Chiasms
Ehat, Stephen Kent | pp. 319–342
Selected Bibliography on Chiasmus, 1980–2020
Rappleye, Neal | pp. 343–358

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