Two Letters to the Dead


Two Letters to the Dead

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By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 1

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Lundquist, John M. (Secondary), and Ricks, Stephen D. (Secondary)






Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book


Provo, UT/Salt Lake City

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Keller, Sharon R. "Two Letters to the Dead" In By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 1, Edited by Lundquist, John M., and Ricks, Stephen D. Vol. 1. 118-143. Provo, UT/Salt Lake City: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book, 1990.

Table of Contents


By Study and Also By Faith, Volume 1
Lundquist, John M.

27 Chapters

Hugh Winder Nibley: Bibliography and Register
Midgley, Louis C. | pp. xv-lxxxvii
The Influence of Hugh Nibley: His Presence in the University
Thomas, Robert K. | pp. 1-5
A Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord
Welch, John W. | pp. 6-10
The Copts and the Bible
Atiya, Aziz S. | pp. 11-24
The Seventy in Scripture
Brown, S. Kent | pp. 25-44
From the Philopedia of Jesus to the Misopedia of the Acts of Thomas
Charlesworth, James H. | pp. 46-66
A Hebrew Inscription Authenticated
Gordon, Cyrus H. | pp. 67-80
"Watch and Remember": The New Testament and the Great Apostasy
Jackson, Kent P. | pp. 81-117
Two Letters to the Dead
Keller, Sharon R. | pp. 118-143
Milk and Meat: Unlikely Bedfellows
Milgrom, Jacob | pp. 144-154
The Book of Daniel in Early Mormon Thought
Whittaker, David J. | pp. 155-201
Aspects of an Early Christian Initiation Ritual
Hamblin, William J. | pp. 202-221
Early Christian Millenarianist Interpretation of the Two Witnesses in John's Apocalypse 11:3-13
Mackay, Thomas W. | pp. 222-331
The Case of Leviticus Rabbah
Neusner, Jacob | pp. 332-388
Ancient Jewish Seafaring and River-faring Laws
Patai, Raphael | pp. 389-416
Which Came First, the Music or the Words? (A Greek Text and Coptic Melody: Musical Transcription and Analysis of the Setting)
Robertson-Wilson, Marian | pp. 417-427
What Is Reality?
Lundquist, John M. | pp. 428-438
Native American Rites of Passage: Implications for Latter-day Saints
Lundquist, Suzanne E. | pp. 439-457
"Putting on the Names": A Jewish-Christian Legacy
Madsen, Truman G. | pp. 458-481
Sinai as Sanctuary and Mountain of God
Parry, Donald W. | pp. 482-500
Names in Antiquity: Old, New, and Hidden
Porter, Bruce H. | pp. 501-522
Togetherness Is Sharing an Umbrella: Divine Kingship, the Gnosis, and Religious Syncretism
Thomasson, Gordon C. | pp. 523-561
Heroic Legitimation in Traditional Nomadic Societies
Honey, David B. | pp. 562-583
Does the Qur'an Teach Creation Ex Nihilo?
Peterson, Daniel C. | pp. 584-610
The Handclasp and Embrace as Tokens of Recognition
Compton, Todd M. | pp. 611-642
Mars and Anna Perenna: March Gods and the Etruscan New Year in Archaic Rome
Hall, John Franklin | pp. 643-658
The Honey and the Smoke: Achilles and Atē in the Iliad
Phillips, R. Douglas | pp. 659-669

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