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ScripturePlus: The Ultimate Gospel Study App

January 8, 2024

Nothing can replace the impact of powerful scripture study on one’s spiritual growth and testimony. As we begin a new year of “Come, Follow Me,” let us help you elevate your study with the best free gospel study app on the web!


The ScripturePlus app boasts a number of invaluable features, from reading plans to charts, videos, and scholarship created by some of the finest modern gospel scholars! Continue reading to understand just why you’ll want to download the ScripturePlus app today!

Scripture Versions & Formatting

The ScripturePlus app is first and foremost a scripture study app, and on this app, you’ll encounter the scriptures like you’ve never seen them before. The app contains all the Church’s standard works: the Book of Mormon, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Doctrine and Covenants. Just tap on the “Study the Scriptures” button on the homepage to start reading. In addition to the traditional formatting found on the Church’s app and website, the ScripturePlus app provides scholarship, scripture commentaries, charts, graphics, videos, character biographies, and historical settings for every single verse.

To access this additional content, you only need to tap on the blue Study Panel at the bottom of your screen. The app also provides the option to view the scriptures in paragraphs rather than verses (to enhance readability) and the option to turn on “red lettering” (to make the names and quotes from deity appear in red text) in the settings page.

Reading Plans

No study approach is complete without a plan, so why not let ScripturePlus provide the plan for you? The ScripturePlus app boasts nearly twenty unique reading plans with specific study objectives. Each of these plans are broken down into daily, short, digestible segments. The objectives vary from following the “Come, Follow Me” schedule to studying all the Savior’s parables to completing a survey of Isaiah through the lens of the Book of Mormon. The daily reading assignments contain scripture blocks, scholarly commentaries, General Conference quotes, supplemental video materials, and metrics for tracking your progress in the plan.

To find a reading plan, tap on the “All Reading Plans” button on the app’s homepage, tap on the “Explore Plans” tab on the top right of the screen, and then tap on the study plan you wish to view. Check out this article to learn more about the specific reading plans offered in the ScripturePlus app!

Scholarship & Commentaries

Perhaps the strongest aspect of the ScripturePlus app is the massive reserve of scholarly resources brought right to you. Because the app is produced by the Scripture Central organization, ScripturePlus can provide the best of all content, research, media, and literature ever produced by Scripture Central’s scholars. Among these commentaries are the renowned Book of Mormon Evidences and KnoWhys: highly researched articles that support and defend the historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon through scholarship and archaeology. These commentaries and articles are woven into the app’s reading plans and incorporated directly into the scriptures themselves as expandable insights.

To open this expandable content, tap on the Scriptures panel on the homepage, navigate to the passage you’re interested in learning more about, tap on the blue Study Panel at the bottom of your screen and then tap on the lightbulb icon.


The app’s homepage is a treasure trove in and of itself. Directly on the homepage users will find the scripture verse of the day, the day’s “Come, Follow Me” reading assignment (complete with supplemental material), relevant gospel study videos by Scripture Central creators and independent creators, a button to access all ScripturePlus study plans, and a button to access the scriptures themselves. This user-friendly setup provides clear navigation options and allows you to get in your daily dose of scripture study without even leaving the homepage!

Video Content

Many people find that their favorite way to study gospel topics is through videos and podcasts. The ScripturePlus app contains thousands of videos from numerous creators to supplement your gospel study every day. Open the app’s homepage and scroll down to watch Scripture Central scholars such as Tyler Griffin, John W. Welch, and Lynne Wilson draw out lessons from the scriptures in their weekly Sunday School videos. Scroll just a little further to watch videos from other independent creators, such as Taylor Halverson, Follow Him, Unshaken Saints, Don’t Miss This, Come Follow Up, and more! And if you want to dive deeper into the archaeology and historical context of the Book of Mormon, you will love Scripture Central’s “Book of Mormon Evidence” and “KnoWhy” videos scattered throughout reading plans and scripture passages. There has never been a more cohesive and effective tool than the ScripturePlus app for combining scripture study with engaging video content.

To view these videos, tap the Scriptures panel on the homepage, then tap on the blue Study Panel at the bottom of your screen and tap the triangular “play” icon.

Charts & Images

For those readers who prefer graphics as study aides, the ScripturePlus app contains over 350 charts and over 4,000 images associated with various verses and scripture passages. The numerous charts in the ScripturePlus app come directly from the renowned book Charting the Book of Mormon: Visual Aids for Personal Study and Teaching by Scripture Central founder John J. Welch. These charts outline prophetic genealogies, ownership of different plates, recurring themes in the scriptures, timelines, and maps. These graphics are accessible in the “insights” tab as you read your scriptures; tap on the blue “Insights” bar at the bottom of your screen and tap on the icon of a landscape picture. The images provided in the app consist of both artistic renderings of scripture stories as well as photographs of historic locations and artifacts associated with scriptural events. These graphics add depth and understanding in ways that words alone cannot always provide, allowing ScripturePlus to complement your study experience in a uniquely enriching way.

Speaker Bios & Historical Settings

Along with the videos, images, charts, and scripture commentaries in every verse, the ScripturePlus app provides information on the speakers and historical settings for every verse. These speaker biographies not only remind readers who the current speaker is in each verse but also serve to connect the different speakers in the scriptures, allowing readers to obtain a fuller vision of the characters and narratives in the scriptures. The historical settings in the scriptures help readers connect scriptural events with real-world locations and cultural contexts. These tools bring the peoples and events of the scriptures to life as real individuals in real places with real messages of divine truth.

To access these speaker biographies and historical settings, open up the scriptures in the app, tap on the blue Study Panel at the bottom of your screen, and tap on the icon of a map pin.

Additional Features: Language & Donations

Not only is the app available in English, but you can access it in Spanish, too! All major features available in English—the reading plans, scriptures, commentaries, scholarships, and speaker biographies—are also available in Spanish! Just head over to “settings” in the menu panel to change the app language from default English to Spanish.

Also available in the menu panel is a “Donate” tab. Tapping on it will take you to a site where you can donate to the Scripture Central organization. Scripture Central is a small, nonprofit organization with the goal of sustaining, defending, and illuminating divine truth. This organization is run entirely on donations, and many of our scholars and presenters volunteer their time to help with this goal. Every donation helps support Scripture Central in its aim and allows us to continue developing new scholarship, resources, and features for the app. If the ScripturePlus app has blessed you in your gospel study, please consider hopping over to the “Donate” screen so we can continue this work. We deeply appreciate every donation!


After four years of academic research, “Come, Follow Me” study, and software development, the ScripturePlus app is the best it’s ever been, and we are thrilled to share the app’s many features with you! If you are looking to enhance your gospel study this year, ScripturePlus is the way to go! We hope you find enrichment, insight, and peace as you study the Book of Mormon with ScripturePlus in 2024.

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