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New Scripture Learning Resources from Taylor Halverson, Tyler Griffin, and Scripture Central

January 15, 2024

Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin, longtime hosts on the Scripture Central YouTube channel, are beginning new projects. For the last four years, with the help of their friends at Scripture Central, Taylor and Tyler shared insight and inspiration in their video series “Come Follow Me Insights with Taylor and Tyler,” working their way through all the standard works of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During that time they touched thousands of lives.

Three new projects this year will build on that four-year legacy: (1) Scripture Study Insights with Tyler Griffin, and (2) Scripture Insights with Taylor Halverson and Mike Harris, and (3) Book of Mormon Insights with Taylor and Tyler.

Scripture Study Insights with Tyler Griffin

This year Tyler Griffin will continue sharing principles and practices for how to get more out of our scripture study in a 30-minute format published by Scripture Central. Join us as Tyler introduces a wide variety of study tools and approaches, modeling them with examples from the weekly “Come, Follow Me” reading assignment. Tyler Griffin’s new video series presents a thematic, thought-provoking, and easily digestible approach to studying the Book of Mormon in 2024.

Watch Tyler Griffin’s Scripture Study Insights

Scripture Insights with Taylor Halverson and Mike Harris

Taylor Halverson has launched a new YouTube channel called Scripture Insights meant to complement the work at Scripture Central. He is joined by friend and scripture scholar Mike Harris, a longtime gospel educator. Each week Taylor and Mike will utilize their years of insight and gospel teaching experience to illuminate the Book of Mormon chapter by chapter. Their warm camaraderie makes for an uplifting and engaging 40-minute virtual study each week!

Watch Taylor Halverson’s Scripture Insights

Taylor and Tyler’s Past Videos

If you loved joining Taylor and Tyler every week for their “Come, Follow Me” insights over the last four years, all their past videos will continue to be available on the Scripture Central YouTube channel. Additionally, we have re-edited all their Book of Mormon study videos from 2020 and will be posting these re-edited videos during the corresponding weeks of “Come, Follow Me” study throughout 2024. You can find these edited segments on the Scripture Central YouTube channel under the title “Book of Mormon Insights with Taylor and Tyler.”

Watch Taylor and Tyler’s CFM Insights Revisited

Well Wishes in the New Year

All of these are wonderful scripture study series for your 2024 “Come, Follow Me” study, and we heartily encourage you to watch them! We are deeply grateful for the four years that Taylor and Tyler volunteered with us, donating their invaluable time and wisdom. We wish Taylor and Mike all the best in their new endeavor, and we hope you subscribe to their new channel! We’d like to express appreciation to the incredible, talented employees and volunteers at Scripture Central who have made these resources available. Finally, we’d like to thank you for your participation, warm encouragement, and support for these educators and their work to enhance your gospel and scripture study.

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