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New Church History Department Statement about Saints and Book of Mormon Geography

October 27, 2018

The Church History Department recently published a response to some concerns about the new book "Saints" and Book of Mormon geography. 

"Since the publication of Saints, Volume 1: The Standard of Truth, 1815–1846, some concern has been expressed online and to us personally that the text of the book has expressed a preference against a “heartland” model of Book of Mormon geography. We have been disappointed to read online commentary from individuals favoring a “heartland” model of Book of Mormon geography that asserts Saints works in subtle (and even conspiratorial) ways to suppress their views. This is not true."

"We have sought to uphold the Church’s position of neutrality on these theories: 'Though there are several plausible hypotheses regarding the geographic locations of Book of Mormon events, the Church takes no official position except that the events occurred in the Americas.'"

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