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LISTEN: B.H. Roberts Discusses Helaman

October 25, 2018

Almost 120 years ago, Elder B.H. Roberts of the First Council of the Seventy wrote a four-part series in the Improvement Era focusing on Alma the Younger's counsel to his three sons: Helaman, Shiblon, and Corianton. These short articles were geared towards the youth and young adults of the Church. 

Today, we bring you the first of these articles, this one discussing Helaman. Although the world has changed since Elder Roberts wrote these articles, the power of both his and the prophet Alma the Younger's exhortations remains. As Elder Roberts concluded in this first part of the series, 

In the course which Alma pursued, there is as much of instruction for fathers as there is for sons, in what he says to Helaman. A grand race of men were these Nephite prophets and leaders! Simple their lives, and plain their speech! Rich was their experience, and lavish were they in giving their sons the benefit of it; nor were they hypocrites in hiding that which might be considered unfavorable to themselves, but frankly owned their error, and warned their youth against the pit-falls into which their pride, folly or thoughtlessness, had led them.

In this episode of the Rare Possessions Podcast, host Nick Galieti and BMC archivist Jared Riddick discuss their impressions of this article. Following this discussion, Nick Galieti narrates the piece. If you would like to read the statement, check it out on our Archive.

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