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Five Great Gospel Apps

July 20, 2022

In March 2018, Book of Mormon Central spent a day at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California learning from Latter-day Saint Googlers. We posed the question “If you wanted to share the wonder of the Book of Mormon with billions of God’s children worldwide, what would you do?” The unanimous response from these social media experts was “Build an app.” Now, a little over four years later, we have five remarkable apps that are all helping share the Book of Mormon with the world in unique ways.


ScripturePlus debuted in September 2019 to an enthusiastic audience that now numbers in the hundreds of thousands. ScripturePlus lets users read all 41,995 verses in the standard works in an enriched environment that includes images, videos, commentaries, charts, quotations, and other study aids that help bring the scriptures to life. With ScripturePlus, students literally feast upon the words of Christ, taking a deep dive through the best of Latter-day Saint and other scriptural scholarship.

Come Follow Me App

The Come Follow Me app which appeared in July 2021 takes a very different approach. It assumes that most people don’t make time for daily scripture study, so it brings the scriptures to them in a delightful five-minute daily devotional that includes one verse from the assigned Come Follow Me reading for that week. The Come Follow Me app then links to a variety of expanded Come Follow Me content from excellent presenters around the Church. The Come Follow Me app is currently debuting in Spanish.

Gospel Learning

The Gospel Learning app just appeared in July 2022. Rather than organize content sequentially by chapter and verse, it lets a user choose from thousands of gospel topics and then shows curated videos that discuss that topic. Many longer videos have been cut up into small segments by themes. The Gospel Learning app includes a brilliant lesson creator for teachers who can write a code on the board which allows all students in a class to download today’s lesson on their personal device.

Gospel Library

The Church’s Gospel Library app continues to be the go-to resource for millions of Latter-day Saints to study their scriptures and Come Follow Me. The app continues to improve with regular releases that enhance both functionality and the range of linked content. There is also movement toward making Gospel Library the centerpiece of a gospel study eco-system like the way that Family Search is the centerpiece of a global family history eco-system.

Book of Mormon App

The Church’s Book of Mormon app separates the Book of Mormon from Gospel Library to facilitate peer to peer sharing. It also enriches the text of the Book of Mormon with images and videos designed to make the Nephite masterwork inviting to a first-time reader. Imagine you are on an airplane, and you talk with a seatmate about the Book of Mormon. What’s the next step? With this app, your new friend scans a QR code on your phone and voila! The Book of Mormon app installs itself on their phone.

With ScripturePlus, Come Follow Me, Gospel Learning, Gospel Library, and the Book of Mormon app all available today, students of the scriptures have an abundance of gospel study functionality at their fingertips and in the palm of their hand. How are we going to share the wonder of the Book of Mormon with billions of God’s children worldwide? We will build and share world-class web and mobile apps.

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