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BMC Newsletter Summer 2020 Now Available

August 27, 2020

The Book of Mormon Central Newsletter covering the events and happenings from January–June 2020 is now available to read online in the Book of Mormon Central Archive. This installment of the BMC Newsletter contains updates about BMC personnel, our new mission statement, international efforts, and the status of all our current projects.

Spread of part of the Summer 2020 BMC Newsletter

This summer’s newsletter covers projects such as:

KnoWhys—BMC continues to produce KnoWhys in 2020. This year’s KnoWhys follow the 2020 Come, Follow Me curriculum, adding valuable historical, cultural, and doctrinal insights to your weekly study.

ScripturePlus—With now over 100K downloads, ScripturePlus is quickly becoming an essential study tool in the lives of many Latter-day Saints. New updates and features are frequently rolled out.

Come Follow Me Insights—Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin have consistently produced faith-inspiring and meaningful content for the 2020 Come, Follow Me curriculum. Their YouTube video series, Come Follow Me Insights, provides an instant Sunday School lesson to your home each week, with each video often exceeding 100K views.

Videos—Along with Taylor and Tyler’s successful YouTube series, Book of Mormon Central has continued production of high-quality, shareable videos to make loving and learning the Book of Mormon more accessible.

Commentaries—Book of Mormon Central has produced two, intensive Book of Mormon commentaries to help readers immerse themselves in the 2020 Come, Follow Me curriculum. Scholars John W. Welch and Brant Gardner have produced two commentaries, respectively, that bring new perspectives to this sacred text.

Pearl of Great Price Central—This initiative is quickly becoming the most important resource for questions on the Book of Abraham. BMC has also begun producing resources and new material on the Book of Moses.

Spread of part of the Summer 2020 BMC Newsletter

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