Piercing the Veil: Temple Worship in the Lost 116 Pages


Piercing the Veil: Temple Worship in the Lost 116 Pages

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2012 FAIR Conference

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Conference Paper

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Bradley, Don (Primary)



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Sandy, UT

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Bradley, Don. "Piercing the Veil: Temple Worship in the Lost 116 Pages" In 2012 FAIR Conference, Sandy, UT: FairMormon, 2012.


We Latter-day Saints are temple-centered people. So were the Nephites. But what do we know about their temple worship, how it worked and what it was for?

How was it even possible for the Nephites to observe the Mosaic rituals without the Levitical priesthood, the Aaronite high priest, and the Ark of the Covenant? And given that our temple worship today isn’t about animal sacrifice, what, if anything, does their temple worship have to do with ours? Critics, and even friendlier outside observers like Harold Bloom, have sometimes come away from reading the Book of Mormon—in Bloom’s case not reading it very much—but they’ve sometimes come away thinking that there isn’t much “Mormon-ism” in the book. Let’s see whether our exploration of temple themes in the Nephite narratives contradicts this or bears it out.

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