The Charge of "Racism" in the Book of Mormon


The Charge of "Racism" in the Book of Mormon

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2003 FAIR Conference

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Conference Paper

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Orem, UT

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Tvedtnes, John A. "The Charge of "Racism" in the Book of Mormon" In 2003 FAIR Conference, Orem, UT: FairMormon, 2003.


Determined to read the Book of Mormon in purely naturalistic nineteenth century terms, rather than as an ancient text, recent criticisms of that volume of scripture are offended by some descriptions of Lamanites in the text. This is particularly true when the Nephites describe the Lamanites in pejorative terms, such as blood-thirsty, idolatrous, ferocious, idle, lazy, and filthy. The question is whether these terms can be considered “racist,” and whether supposed “racist” attitudes of the Nephites are evidence against the authenticity of the Book of Mormon.
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