BYU Studies Quarterly 58/3 (2019)


BYU Studies Quarterly 58/3 (2019)

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Harper, Steven C. (Secondary)






Brigham Young University

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Provo, UT

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"BYU Studies Quarterly 58/3 (2019)", Edited by Harper, Steven C. Vol. 58. Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, 2019.


In this issue, Shane Goodwin tells the history of the name of the Church, from Church of Christ to The Church of the Latter Day Saints to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, through looking at manuscripts and publications. Darren Parry, a Shoshone elder, tells the story of the 1863 Bear River Massacre from a Shoshone perspective and how important it is that all views are represented. Music professor Darrell Babidge tells how the Nauvoo Music and Concert Hall, which existed for only a short time, marks the importance of culture and arts in the life of the Saints. Brian Hales tells how naturalistic theories of the Book of Mormon, which deny its divine origin, have circulated since 1829 and continue to the present, and he examines the most popular naturalistic explanations over time. Keith Erekson, director of the Church History Library, and Elder Steven E. Snow provide a history of the office of Church Historian and Recorder. Cris Baird tells what Brian Kershisnik’s painting She Will Find What Is Lost means to him and his wife, and Robbie Taggart shares several life experiences in which he learned grace. This issue also contains poetry and book reviews.

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