BYU Studies Quarterly 55/3 (2016)


BYU Studies Quarterly 55/3 (2016)

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Welch, John W. (Secondary)






Brigham Young University

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Provo, UT

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"BYU Studies Quarterly 55/3 (2016)", Edited by Welch, John W. Vol. 55. Provo, UT: Brigham Young University, 2016.


In helping to keep readers up to date on important historical dis­coveries pertaining to the kingdom of God, this issue continues a long-standing role of BYU Studies. Here are an article explaining the significance of the Council of Fifty, an excerpt from the new Joseph Smith Papers volume of Council of Fifty minutes, and a review of three Joseph Smith Papers volumes. Here are an article explaining Joseph Smith’s statements about his Egyptian papyri, a discussion of why baptism for the dead fell out of favor around the fifth century, and a review of BYU Young Ambassadors’ important first trip to China. Here are two inspiring BYU talks, both talking about how invention, critical thinking, and charity come together to create growth. Here are book reviews of important new books, poetry, and a personal essay. We hope readers enjoy the breadth and depth of these words.

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