Isaiah in the Book of Mormon


Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

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Parry, Donald W. (Secondary), and Welch, John W. (Secondary)

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Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies


Provo, UT

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"Isaiah in the Book of Mormon", Edited by Parry, Donald W., and Welch, John W. Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1998.


The essays in this book, written by some of the finest LDS scholars, take a variety of approaches to help readers make the most of the Isaiah passages in the Book of Mormon. These scholars use the prophets of the Book of Mormon as knowledgeable guides, examining how and why those ancient writers used and interpreted Isaiah in order to clarify for modern readers what the Isaiah sections in the Book of Mormon are all about.

Table of Contents

19 Chapters

"More Fully Persuaded": Isaiah's Witness of Christ's Ministry
Holland, Jeffrey R. | pp. 1-18
Getting through Isaiah with the Help of the Nephite Prophetic View
Welch, John W. | pp. 19-45
Nephi's Keys to Understanding Isaiah (2 Nephi 25:1-8)
Parry, Donald W. | pp. 47-65
"Choose the Things That Please Me": On the Selection of the Isaiah Sections in the Book of Mormon
Gee, John | pp. 67-91
Nephi's Lessons to His People: The Messiah, the Land, and Isaiah 48-49 in 1 Nephi 19-22
Skinner, Andrew C. | pp. 95-122
Isaiah 50-51, the Israelite Autumn Festivals, and the Covenant Speech of Jacob in 2 Nephi 6-10
Thompson, John S. | pp. 123-150
Nephi's Use of Isaiah 2-14 in 2 Nephi 12-30
Seely, David Rolph | pp. 151-169
Heavenly Visions and Prophetic Calls in Isaiah 6 (2 Nephi 16), the Book of Mormon, and the Revelation of John
Ricks, Stephen D. | pp. 171-190
Isaiah 29 and the Book of Mormon
Cloward, Robert A. | pp. 191-247
"How Beautiful upon the Mountains": The Imagery of Isaiah 52:7-10 and Its Occurrences in the Book of Mormon
Pike, Dana M. | pp. 249-291
Isaiah 53, Mosiah 14, and the Book of Mormon
Welch, John W. | pp. 293-312
The Lord's Covenant of Kindness: Isaiah 54 and 3 Nephi 22
Hallen, Cynthia L. | pp. 313-349
Joseph Smith and the Words of Isaiah
Madsen, Ann N. | pp. 353-367
Textual Variants in the Isaiah Quotations in the Book of Mormon
Skousen, Royal | pp. 369-390
Isaiah in America, 1700-1830
Hedges, Andrew H. | pp. 391-405
Notes on Vocabulary in Isaiah 2-11, 13-14, 29, 48-54
Parry, Donald W. | pp. 409-422
Authorship of the Book of Isaiah in Light of the Book of Mormon
Welch, John W. | pp. 423-437
Wordprinting Isaiah and the Book of Mormon
Hilton, John L. | pp. 439-443
Isaiah and the Latter-day Saints: A Bibliographic Survey
Thompson, John S. | pp. 445-509

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