The Spaulding Theory


The Spaulding Theory


The Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star

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Magazine Article

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218–219, 223

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2 April 1942



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McGavin, E. Cecil. "The Spaulding Theory", The Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star, Vol. 104. no. 14 1942:218–219, 223.


This series deals with a wide variety of aspects of the Book of Mormon including Joseph Smith, Obadiah Dogberry, ancient fortifications, metal plates, Spaulding theory, clarifications of biblical doctrine, the abridging work of Mormon, record of the Jaredites, differences between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, witnesses of the Book of Mormon, history, literary qualities, Hebrew traits in the book, its relation to the Bible, and evidence of its antiquity. The sixth part covers the Spaulding theory of Book of Mormon authorship.

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