Alone in the Moonlight


Alone in the Moonlight


Improvement Era

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Magazine Article

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238–239, 262

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April 1961



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Hanks, Marion D. "Alone in the Moonlight", Improvement Era, Vol. 64. no. 4 1961:238–239, 262.


This article states that experiencing soul satisfying circumstances is better when one is not alone. Sharing such experiences with loved ones increases the satisfaction, as is exemplified in the Book of Mormon. Examples of such phenomena include Lehi, who tastes of the fruit of the tree of life and desires to share; Enos, who prays for his brethren; and the sons of Mosiah and Alma, who shared their experiences as missionaries following their conversion.

Tree of Life
Missionary Work
Alma the Younger
Sons of Mosiah
Lehi’s Dream
Enos (Son of Jacob)
Lehi (Prophet)

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